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Chocolate Creation - Fruit Implosion

Last Wednesday was Peppermint Chocolate molding day in the shop.  We make a lot of White and Dark Peppermint infused chocolates around the holidays and well, to be honest, it can get a wee bit boring pumping out 250 peppermint bars in a row.  

I have some good friends who are "in the fruit business" and we got to talking about oranges and bananas Tuesday afternoon.   

Tuesday evening, I was having "fruity dreams", probably to get my mind off the peppermint.  During my dreams I started thinking about "smashing" in fruity flavors to our chocolate.  Lots of our single origin chocolates have fruity notes, but could we put the fruit in the bar?

We got up early last Wednesday morning to knock out the peppermint bars.  We started molding peppermint at 4AM and by 8AM, the peppermint bars were molded and we began experimenting with what is now called the "Fruit Implosion".

We decided to create a trio of flavors; Tangerine, Mango and Pineapple in a dark chocolate.  Since we were combining rather than blowing up,  the word implosion kept coming to mind (instead of explosion).   We let customers sample a few bars on Friday.  By mid-day, we had a winner.  We sold all the bars we made that morning, and we knew it was time to share with all of you.  Next time you are in the shop, look for this package. 

Enjoy the chocolate, we love sharing our passion !!!