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Chocolate Tricks that are no Treat

At Kyya we are always studying chocolate in every possible angle.  It's our tech background.   We were kicking around some numbers today and something caught our attention.  There's a trend going on around the industry where folks shrink the bar and add "shiny new packaging".   People look at the packaging and miss the price hike.

While you might not think about it at first, this is a bad practice and the loser is you.  The calculated rate for some of these bars is upwards of $68 per pound. ( 2 oz bar at $8.50/bar and multiple by 8).  Anyone knowingly pays $68/pound for chocolate should also consider some swamp property for sale in Florida, especially considering Fair Trade pricing for raw cacao is $1.14/pound.   Heck even the best Jamaica Blue Mountain Estate Coffee costs $59/pound.   "Caveat Emptor" folks.