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Award Winning Chocolate Maker to Open New Shop in the Former Garden Living Location

ELM SPRINGS, AR., 5/15/2019– Fayetteville is about to get much sweeter.

Kyya Chocolate is opening its third retail location this summer in the former Garden Living location in the Shoppes at Steele Crossing at 160 East Joyce Blvd, Suite 101, Fayetteville, AR 72703. This will be the second retail location beyond the company’s retail space at Kyya’s factory in Elm Springs.

The storefront will carry 200 bean to bar chocolate products made in their Elm Springs, Arkansas factory. 

Bentonville has been an overwhelming success from the day we opened the doors.  We always wanted our chocolate to be available in our hometown of Fayetteville and while we have Fayetteville retailers that carry our chocolate, most carry 5-8 chocolate bars.  We have over 90 bars available in our stores plus Chocolate Cannolis, BonBons, Chocolate Stroopwafels, syrups, drinks, fudge, tarts, and caramel and chocolate popcorn. 

We have made many new friends in Bentonville, but the question we get asked over and over is “when are you coming to Fayetteville?”  The answer is soon.  We have some renovations to do, but we are excited to bring our chocolate and drinks to our hometown.  Part of the renovations will include a space dedicated for chocolate classes.   “Our Factory just doesn’t have the space to do classes anymore, so we recently renovated the Bentonville location to offer classes and will include classes in Fayetteville from day 1 so everyone can get their chocolate groove on”, said Rick Boosey.

“Kyya showcases the diversity of flavors found in chocolate from various regions around the world,” said Cindy Boosey, co-owner of Kyya Chocolate. “We have sourced 28 origins to date and continue to evaluate chocolate from new countries almost every month. We have found that certain chocolates are better showcased in certain products.  For example, Cameroon is an amazing base for our fudge and our Colombian origin is perfect for the Arkansas Bars.  The Haiti origin pairs well with coffee.  

We love sharing our passion with others.  Our manufacturing location in Elm Springs just isn’t large enough to show everything we make.  Our Fayetteville location will be another way for people to experience chocolate in one location that isn’t being done any where else in the United States”.  That is our specialty, you can literally go around the world with chocolate in our shop.

“We also love to collaborate, and that means we’re creating new bars every month.  Kyya also makes Small Batch Toffee, BonBons, Tarts, Fudge and a selection of chocolate desserts including pies, that showcase both our chocolate bars and growing business of syrups primarily designed for coffee houses” said co-owner and partner Rick Boosey.

Kyya was the first “bean-to-bar” chocolate company in Arkansas. Where possible, Kyya works directly with the cacao farmers who grow and hand-pick the cacao beans used in Kyya products. The company has invested in agricultural expertise to help those farmers improve their yields and quality.

Rick started Kyya in 2012 after visiting Uganda with a non-profit organization. “We saw an immense need,” Rick said.  On the way home from that trip, he considered the needs and natural resources of Uganda, and conceived a chocolate company to support the farmers and communities.  Kyya pays a premium, above FairTrade, for the best cacao possible.  Cindy came alongside as the company grew to provide strategy and leadership.

Kyya has created bean to bar chocolate from 28 countries sourced to date, with a goal of eventually sourcing from 40 countries. Each country and region produces unique flavors due to factors such as soil, climate and environment. That flavor becomes concentrated as a single-origin product, allowing the flavors of the region to shine through in the chocolate.

Kyya wants to share their passion for single-origin, small-batch, artisan chocolate far and wide. While the company’s home base will always be Elm Springs, where the factory is in a converted gas station, they have plans in place to open other retail locations and increase the number of retailers (where Kyya products are sold) from 320 to 400 by the end of this year.

Fayetteville is expected to open within 4-6 weeks. Kyya will be adding team members for this store.  

Whatever lies ahead for Kyya, Rick assures us of two things

  1. Kyya will constantly be creating new chocolates to share with our customers.
  2. Visitors can always come sample the chocolate for free.

About Kyya Chocolate: Founded in 2012 in Elm Springs, Arkansas, Kyya Chocolate creates hand-crafted, single-origin chocolates from Haiti, Mexico, Nicaragua, Uganda, Madagascar, Dominican Republic, Costa Rica, Ecuador, Colombia, Guatemala, Trinidad, Tanzania, Peru, Venezuela, Cameroon and Brazil.  Kyya has partnered with more than 30 groups to make fund-raising and private label bars. Kyya was the 2017 Black Apple Award winner for Best Chocolate in Arkansas, which is voted on by the public and sponsored by The Idle Class magazine.  For more information, visit


Kyya Chocolate Quick FACTS

  • Kyya was conceived in 2012 while on an NGO trip to Uganda to build a chicken farm.
  • The chocolate factory is in a converted gas station on Highway 112 in Elm Springs, Arkansas.
  • The factory produces about 3.5 metric tons of chocolate products each month.
  • Kyya now operates 10 conches (chocolate machines).
  • Kyya makes chocolate including bars, syrups, fudge, bonbons, toffee, tarts, pralines and popcorn.
  • It has 320 Retail Partners across 18 states.
  • Kyya has made 72 collaboration bars with clients all over the country.
  • 90 Kyya-branded bars from 14 origins, 7 darkness/sweetness levels and 15 inclusions/infusions.
  • Kyya runs its own digital printing press, which allows for custom and collaboration bars.
  • Kyya has almost 25,000 followers between Facebook, Instagram and Twitter as @kyyachocolate.
  • Kyya employs 18 team members.