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72.5% Midnight Chocolates
72.5% Midnight Chocolates

72.5% Midnight Chocolates

$ 6.00

2.5 oz of rare bean to bar chocolate artisan made in our factory all from the same recipe, a 72.5% Dark Midnight chocolate.  Because we use the same recipe, you can easily tell the differences in the single origin chocolates.  We call these our connoisseur chocolates because they have strong bold flavors and interesting whispers and undertones not found in sweeter chocolates.  

We have made a few Midnight Dark Specialty bars:  Uganda 72.5% with Almond,  our patent pending 72.5% Wine and Nib infused chocolate and a Madagascar 72.5% with Almond.

Rich, dark, and full of flavor, with just enough sweetness to make you long for more.  We create small batches of chocolate with hand-picked beans to maximize flavor.

Here's a quick synopsis of the flavor diversity in single origin chocolates.   And as we share with folks that come to the shop, we have added nothing to these bars, this is what single origin chocolate is all about.  

  • Uganda .                  --  Earthy, Rich Full Body with hints of cinnamon and nutmeg
  • Madagascar             --  Cherries, Apricots, Raisins and whisp of bananas
  • Ecuador                   --  Fruity with a single malt bourbon underton
  • Nicaragua                --  Smooth, creamy, subtle plum note
  • Costa Rica               --  Nutty,  Fudge, with hints of coffee underneath - fantastic
  • Colombia                 --  Molasses, Honey, whisps of green tobacco and coffee 
  • Guatemala               --  Fruity with strong raisin pop
  • Trinidad (new)          --  Smooth, Fudge, Full Body
  • Tanzania (new)         --  Blueberry, Blackcurrent,  strong aciditic finish - wine notes