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Class - FAYETTEVILLE Mendiants
Class - FAYETTEVILLE Mendiants

Class - FAYETTEVILLE Mendiants

$ 25.00

Mendiants are in the House!  Over 700 people have taken Kyya Chocolate classes and this class is the most popular on our schedule.

We teach you how to create single origin chocolate Mendiants in a hands-on environment.  What's a Mendiant you ask?

Mendiants are small disks of chocolate we create.   We make 5-6 Mendiants in a row and your task is to decorate each with a selection of inclusions and/or spices in less than 5 minutes before they set.  Once a row is complete, we add another roll until we have a full tray. 

With over 25 inclusions and infusions at your fingertips, our statisticians calculated 1.5 trillion Mendiant flavor combinations are possible, every Mendiant is UNIQUE so you will be able to create one of a literally kind creations with our Award Winning Chocolate.  Our mantra around Kyya is "we eat our mistakes".  

You will take home your Mendiants (if you don't eat them during class) at the end of class, making this a fun experience for families, small groups, work groups, scout outings, ladies groups, etc.  This class is good for ages 4+.  For children under 10, please have a parent accompany your child, no siblings, babysitters or nannies.  You will need to purchase a "class" for each person in your party.

The classes are held at 160 East Joyce Blvd, Suite 101 (Steel Crossings), Fayetteville, AR 72703. Classes are throughout the week and can be found here.

Note 1:  Chocolate does vary by day.  We cannot guarantee a specific chocolate for your class.  We do not offer class with milk chocolate. 

Note 2:  This class is limited to people eight (8) people per class.  Bring clothing you don't mind getting dirty, as you are almost guaranteed to get messy working in chocolate.  

ALLERGEN NOTICE:  Kyya Chocolate is Vegan (with exceptions to our milk chocolate, which is not offered for this class) and Gluten free.  You can request the class be gluten free.  We do not utilize any soy.  We do not use peanuts in any manner at Kyya, but we do utilize almonds, cashews, hazelnuts and pecans in class.