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Infamous Squachee Bar
Infamous Squachee Bar
Infamous Squachee Bar

Infamous Squachee Bar

$ 3.50

With a long history, we have confirmed the legend across the Ozarks.

This wonderful 1oz bar is a result of a 5 years of research.

We originally lured Squachee from his secretive ways with a 39.999% dark chocolate complete with brown sugar, oatmeal, and adding with freeze dried apples during the conching process.  

The next year, we added pecans and placed on a freshly cut tree stump.  Squachee was able to smell the bar almost 10 mile away for this decadent bar.  

We then added caramel and he completely devoured the bar. 

Finally this year, on suggestion of a University of Arkansas Anthropologist, we added cinnamon.  This combination of flavors/spices, unlike anything out there was the kicker.

This flavor combination has proven a way to lure Squacheee out of hiding for up to 12.5 miles.  We have been tracking Squachee and have provided the mapping of his migration pattern.  He's actually much more of a hiker/traveler than anyone imagined. 

The KYYA team has effectively ended the mystery of the Ozarks. and made quite the chocolate bar, unlike anything else out there once again.

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