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100% Absolute Bar
100% Absolute Bar

100% Absolute Bar

$ 6.00

End of the road, this is serious dark chocolate.  

This 2.5 oz bar has nothing added - just 100% chocolate liquor from our cocoa nib in a 72 hour process the refines the particle sizes between 15-40 microns in size.  For those who don't know,  the number is a simple ratio of chocolate to sugar.   For the 100%, there is NOTHING added.

Uganda tasting notes are characterized by rich full body earthy chocolate with hints of cinnamon and biscuit.  Whispers of raisin are sometimes detected. This bar gets lots of use for exotic chocolate desserts or for those who desire the purity a 100% bar provides.

We have added a second Costa Rican origin characterized by nutty front end notes, and deep rich fudge back end notes.  

We initially made for a customer at the Bentonville, Arkansas Farmer's Market.   The bar was so welcomed, we added the "100" to the lineup.   This is a chocoholic's dream.  Small batch, intense flavor and if not for eating, experience it with your favorite chocolate dessert recipe.  

You will never go back to mass produced chocolates.