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16oz Syrups

16oz Syrups

$ 6.00

These syrups are the foundation of any Coffee House specialty drink portfolio.

Our original chocolate syrup is made from our Ecuadoran cocoa powder.  Fruity notes, with hints of single malt bourbon from the fermentation process.  Used by the top coffee houses across the nation.  

We introduced a sugar free version of our Ecuadoran Syrup. Using a proprietary combination of Allulose, Stevia, Eyrithritol and Inulin, our sugar-free syrup provides a world class flavor with zero guilt.

We introduced a darker chocolate syrup (45%) from our Ghana cocoa powder.  Ghana is rich, fudge flavored syrup.  This syrup has become a immediate hit for those who want the strong chocolate flavor.

Our rich white chocolate made with real cocoa butter, nothing imitation here.

We also have a artisan caramel sauce that leaves you completely satisfied.  Rich Flavor, butter notes that quickly integrates into coffee drinks.

We will be soon offering a Mocha Syrup that will create a mocha with ease.  It took us years to find a way to simplify the Mocha without compromising.  This is the real deal.