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2017 Kamp Kyya

Over the past 3 years, we have taught over 300 people how to make chocolate.  We love sharing our passion and it's fun to teach others about bean to bar chocolate.

As Kyya continues to grow, Kamp has to evolve.  We don't have the bandwidth during the day to run Kamp this year, so we are getting creative this year.

Kamp Kyya will be a 1/2 day Saturday Kamp this year, offered each Saturday from 10:00-2:30pm. This will be a action packed Kamp, keeping the elements of previous years merged into one fast moving day.   Kamp Kyya will continue to be for kids from age 6 to 16.  A new camp starts each Saturday.  The classes are limited to 10 students.  We respectfully ask that students ages 6-9 years old be accompanied by a parent, as this is a significant time commitment for each student and we know our kids needed that support at one point.

WHAT DO YOU LEARN:   Students the basics of chocolate, sourcing chocolate, tasting, tempering, custom molding and packaging, just like our chocolatiers do during the day.  Students will also learn how to make bon-bons (filled chocolates).  You will get messy and our motto is "we eat our mistakes".  

COST:  Classes are $75 per student and each student will make $60 of chocolate in class.   Classes will be offered on a first come, first serve basis.   You can request custom class with a ground of 6 people.

WHEN:  Kamp Kyya starts early this year.   We start Saturday, April 15th and will host class every weekend with the exceptions of holiday weekends.  We need minimum of 4 people for each week or we will cancel the week.  You will not pay until the minimum has been secured for each week.   In the event you have to postpone or change the date,  you can move to another week provided there is an open slot.

SIGN-UP/RESERVATIONS/DISCOUNTS/CUSTOM/OTHER:    To signup, send an email to with the Saturday you would like to attend.  We will provide a 5% discount for siblings, that does include cousins in Arkansas.  This is first come/first serve basis.   We use almonds, pecans, sunflower seeds and cow's milk in the shop.  If your kids have allergies to these ingredients or other specific items, please ask up front.  We haven't had an issue and believe its because we communicate openly about what we do at the shop - choose wisely.  We do not use soy.

We have 4 kids ourselves, and they were the first students, so this is designed for a good kid interactive experience.  You will get messy (chocolate) and have lots of fun.