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We have taught over 500 people how to make chocolate.  We love sharing our passion with others and the amazing things we have learned about bean to bar chocolate over the past 6 years.

 FRENCH MENDIANT CLASS:   A class designed for the whole family, you will make 20+ Mendiants (beggars disks) and decorate each one from over 30 flavors and/or inclusions.  The great thing about Mendiants is you can make just about anything you can dream up.  Our data scientists have calculated there is over 1,000,000 ways to construct a Mendiant at Kyya.  You might get a messy and our motto is "we eat our mistakes".   Ages 3+.   We ask parents attend with children from 3-9 years of age.  Good interactive experience.    Class time approximately 30-45 minutes.  Cost:  $25/Student.   Mediant Classes are held at 3:15pm weekdays and on Saturdays.

BonBon Class:  We teach you in a hands-on, encouraging environment how to make another French Classic.   BonBon (French for Good-Good) is a three step process to make a creamy, soft center chocolate with a chocolate shell.  This is a messy class most of the time.   Designed for ages 8+.   We ask parents attend for children under 10.  This does require hand-eye coordination.  Class time approximately 2.5 hours.   Cost:  $50/student.   Classes held on Saturday and need a minimum of 4 people.   In the event you have to postpone or change the date,  you can move to another week provided there is an open slot.

SIGN-UP/RESERVATIONS    To signup, go to the "shop" menu and then select the class you want to take and make sure to use the link to schedule your class.

OTHER:  We use almonds, pecans, sunflower seeds and milk/cream in the shop.  We do not use soy.  If you have allergies to these ingredients or other specific items, please ask up front.  We haven't had an issue and believe its because we communicate openly about what we do at the shop - choose wisely.