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110% Ecuador

110% Ecuador

$ 6.00

During our school tours, which we bring about 150 kids per week through the shop, we found that boys, usually from 11-16, gravitated to the dark bars, especially the 100%.  After sampling, they usually were overwhelmed and then asked us if we had anything darker.

So we set about making the darkest bar in the world.  Cacao beans, in their original form are about 50% cocoa and 50% cocoa butter.   The flavor comes from the cocoa.  We press out a separate batch of cocoa from our cocoa press and drop it back into our batch of 100%, essentially 10% more cocoa.  While the fraction cannot exceed 100%, since it's a ratio of chocolate mass to sugar, the makeup of our 110% is 10% darker than any bar you will ever experience.  No one ever asks for anything darker after experiencing this bar.

The 110% is made from our Ecuador origin;  fruity notes and a subtle single malt bourbon undertone.   Note:  No bourbon was injured in the making of this chocolate.  You will never ask for a darker bar after one of these bars.