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$ 20.00

These are artisan hand-crafted Filled Dark Chocolates,  also known as BonBons.  BonBons have soft centers and not to be confused with truffles, which are solid centers simply coating in chocolate.   These BonBons are crafted fresh each week using Kyya's single origin dark chocolate and fresh distinctive fillings.

You choose any 12 BonBons in any combination, just call out your flavors in the notes when ordering.

The fillings include Bailey's (non-alcoholic) Irish Cream,  Creamy Coffee, Coconut Cream,  Oreo,  Kyya's Costa Rican-Almond Spread, "Honey and Nib", Cherry Pie, Key Lime, Orange Marmalade, Pumpkin Spice and our newest flavor, Caramel.