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50.3% Dark Chocolates

50.3% Dark Chocolates

$ 6.00

2.5 oz of rare single source bean to bar chocolate.  We call this series "sweet dark" because while they are above the FDA 35% darkness threshold, and lots of sweetness.

Rich, dark, and full of flavor, with just enough sweetness to make you long for more.  We create small batches of chocolate with hand-picked beans to maximize flavor.

We offer 10 single origin chocolates, Uganda, Madagascar, Dominican Republic, Ecuador, Nicaragua, Costa Rica,  Colombia, Guatemala, Trinidad, Tanzania each with their own distinctive flavor notes that come from the cacao beans themselves.

Here's a quick synopsis of the flavor diversity in single origin chocolates.   And as we share with folks that come to the shop, we have added nothing to these bars, this is what single origin chocolate is all about.  


  • Uganda .                  --  Earthy, Rich Full Body with hints of cinnamon and nutmeg
  • Dominican Republic -- Burnt Orange Note, Raisins and Cherries
  • Madagascar             --  Cherries, Apricots, Raisins and whisp of bananas
  • Ecuador                   --  Fruity with a single malt bourbon underton
  • Nicaragua                --  Smooth, creamy, subtle plum note
  • Costa Rica               --  Nutty,  Fudge, with hints of coffee underneath - fantastic
  • Colombia                 --  Molasses, Honey, whisps of green tobacco and coffee 
  • Guatemala               --  Fruity with strong raisin pop
  • Trinidad (new)          --  Smooth, Fudge, Full Body
  • Tanzania (new)         --  Blueberry, Blackcurrent,  strong aciditic finish - wine notes
  • Brazil      (new)         --   Chocolate Notes and sweet