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Single Origin Artisan Fudge

Single Origin Artisan Fudge

$ 6.00

What started as a experiment for a new African origin, evolved into our Single Origin Cameroon Fudge.  As soon as we tasted the Cameroon chocolate, the flavor took us back to a visit to the Mystic Seaport Fudge we had as kids. 

Made in chunky 4 ounce bars, this fudge is decadent, softer and richer than anything you will find from folks using off the shelf chocolate.  

Our recipe has three ingredients and ensures that the Cameroon chocolate, which we created a 50% Dark recipe, is the primary flavor.  The chocolate itself is made in our traditional 72 hour stone ground process.

Made in small batches of 18 squares at a time, you will be delighted by the richness, the flavor and the chocolate.