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Mother's Day Chocolate Bundles

Mother's Day Chocolate Bundles

$ 25.00

Small Batch Chocolate made just for Mother's Day.  Each bar was conceived and made in our Award Winning Small Batch Artisan Bean to Bar Chocolate Factory. We love to create and we trust you will enjoy these unique chocolate bars made in the sleepy little town on Highway 112 in Elm Springs.  

The Gift Box includes our Ugandan 40% Dark Bourbon infused, Ecuador 72.5% Red Wine infused, Costa Rica 62% Champagne Infused and our new 50% Dark Costa Rican White Wine Riesling Infused bar.

None of the bars contain alcohol.  We use our patented process to infuse the chocolate, giving you all those awesome notes without the booze. 

We made a limited set of bundles, so when they are gone, they are gone.