From a bean to a smile

A bean is a pretty amazing thing - a little bundle of energy and nutrients waiting to burst forth into new life when it's planted in good soil and watered.  And if growing a new plant isn't your thing, you can take the right kind of bean and put it in the right environment and get something truly wonderful, whether it's black bean and corn enchiladas, a piping hot bowl of chili, or one of our hand-crafted bars of chocolate.

In a way, people are kind of like that too.  Give a person the things that they need (whether it's a living wage, meaningful work, or unconditional love) and you can see life bursting forth in newness and joy.

It's why we created KYYA Chocolate.  We wanted to share our joy for chocolate with everyone involved in the process, from the farmer who grows the beans to the people who eat the bar.  It's why we're committed to forging lasting and mutually beneficial relationships with our growers and our customers.  It's why we give 10% of our net proceeds to orphan care initiatives around the world – because life is about sharing the good things we have with others.

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