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KYYA is passionate about chocolate. It’s why we work to build relationships with farmers around the globe and pay above fair trade prices for cacao. It’s why we have invested in agricultural expertise, helping farmers experience better yields and higher quality cacao.

Back in 2012, we were on the board of directors of a small non-profit working at a Ugandan orphanage over the Christmas holidays. We were overwhelmed at the immense need, and, thinking about our four adopted daughters, we knew we had to do something. After looking at the natural resources of Uganda, we decided on chocolate.

On the 31 hour journey home, we created KYYA, the first bean-to-bar chocolate company in Arkansas. The name is Greek  KAIA  meaning "pure".  Our first six months and 50 batches experimenting yielded some really bad chocolate. But once we found our groove, we sold our first 20 bars to a local coffee shop and KYYA was launched.

We still make small batches of chocolate to maximize the flavor inherent in the single source cacao beans. No artificial flavors or additives. We built our own supply chain and, where possible, we work directly with our farmers. KYYA is much more than a chocolate company  we have a heart and soul for the people around the world with whom we work.

Email us at or check out our Facebook or Instagram pages to learn more. We currently have two locations in Northwest Arkansas.

Elm Springs Retail: Noon-5:00pm Tuesday-Friday and Saturday Noon-6pm

278 North Elm Street, Springdale, AR 72762

Bentonville Storefront: Noon-6pm Tuesday-Saturday

111 North Main Street, Bentonville, AR 72712. 

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