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The Season has begun

On behalf of our team of chocolate makers and chocolatiers, we want to thank you for your business.  We started KYYA almost 11 years ago, and what a crazy journey.  After 10 years at Microsoft and 6 years at Dell Computer, I left tech sales and use my engineering degree to start/run/fix this thing we originally called Forgotten Chocolate.  KYYA is a phonetical pronunciation of kaia, since the greek spelling had been taken.  The name means "simple" or "pure".  We chose Elm Springs, Arkansas because it was a small town on a back road (Hwy 112) near our home and over the course of our life, cool places are normally "found" on a back road.   I love our team.  They work hard, and while we are not perfect, we strive to make the best sauces, syrups, bonbons, and bean to bar chocolate bars possible.  Our team dreams up new flavors almost daily, and then quickly make it a reality.  We don't always know if it will be a success, so please have grace if we sell out for a short time.  We are adding capacity so your favorites are there when you need them.  We have been working 7 days/week since early September and will continue throughout the rest of the year.  Again, thank you for choosing KYYA.

Best Regards...rick and kristi boosey, owners