Kyya Passion

We love to make chocolate.  One night this week, around 2:00 AM, I was dropping a batch (aka loading the chocolate into the machines, which takes 2-3 hours if done correctly).  As you load the conch (or Melanger), the nib releases an amazing elixir as the machines begin to crush (or shear) the chocolate.   I love those times, usually alone, after a long day of people, paperwork and hours behind a windshield.   It's so much fun to create something like chocolate.  To think this all came from my vision on a plane 3+ years ago coming back from an Uganda mission trip. 

The Kyya team has spent a lot of time in the shop, creating new chocolates, experimenting, adjusting, pursuing, perfecting chocolate over the past few weeks.  We will never finish learning, but there is a lot of joy in the process.  

My dad taught me the passion of making things.  Dad was a manufacturing guy, who started as a chemist, and ultimately retired as a EVP for a large Pharmaceutical company. Dad taught me the value of hard work,   I sat at dad's feet many nights listening to the stories, the challenges and the joys of making things.  Dad once told me - "son - whatever you do, do your best.  I don't care if you are a ditch digger son, but be the best ditch digger there ever was".  Dad, I am working hard to be the best chocolatier possible.

We don't make much in the US anymore, most of that was moved offshore decades ago.  But there is something very satisfying to create something, something tangible that you can share with others, that requires technical expertise and an artistic touch.  I am the chip off the old block - who, by the way, is a pretty good role model.   Tomorrow, we get to share our chocolate with you again, we love these Saturdays so much. I LOVE watching a young kid see a 100 pounds of chocolate in the machine and tell them it's 600 bars and watch their eyes just go big. 

We make this promise, that Kyya will work hard to create the best chocolate possible.   We will tirelessly seek amazing cacao from around the world,  pursue our craft with intensity and share the stories we find along the way.    We hope you enjoy tomorrow as well.

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