Kyya goes to Washington

The last 7 days have just blown us away, but there is one more cool thing to share that we can share with you that the chocolate company that specializes in being "square" accomplished today.

Kyya went to Washington...DC that is.   My old stomping grounds.  We went to boarding school in the Virginia foothills (Woodberry Forest) way back in the day and hung out in DC on the rare weekends when we didn't have a sporting event or playing our arch rival Episcopal.  But we digress....enough about that.

Earlier this year, Congressman Steve Womack dropped by to learn about Kyya, the home of Arkansas Artisan Chocolate.   We have sampled the chocolates and had a good chat.  He had a blast (pictures to prove that).    He told me, when the opportunity arose,  he would call....and he did. 

They asked us to create a special set of bars for a congressional dinner on Wednesday.  Regardless of your political persuasion, to be asked to create something for congress is a huge honor.  Chocolate, as it turns out, is a unifying force in Congress..

So we went to work, creating 2 of our favorites; a Uganda Dark Milk Chocolate and a contrasting Madagascar 72.5% Midnight Dark Chocolate.  We had 2 weeks to pull it off, while we were prepping for the WMT event (did i mention we love challenges)? Kyya is the dessert and the Congressman will share with the dinner guests that Kyya is from the little sleepy town of Elm Springs, Arkansas.  We are thankful for this opportunity and happy to share our passion with others.

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