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BonBons vs. Truffles Discussion

We love Bonbons, with the delightful flavors created with our own bean to bar chocolate.  These small, enticing treats have a way of capturing our attention with their delicate appearances and rich flavors. With a hard outer shell that yields to a burst of delectable goodness within, bonbons provide a delightful surprise with every taste.

Whether it's the tangy burst of fruit, the creamy satisfaction of caramel, strong coffee flavor or the satisfying crunch of a nut, bonbons offer a symphony of flavors to please the palate. Whether enjoyed as a personal indulgence or shared as a gift, these never fail to bring joy and a moment of blissful indulgence as a celebration or fixing a less than stellar day.

Bonbons are generally small, sweet chocolates with a variety of fillings, while truffles specifically refer to chocolate confections made with a ganache center and coated in cocoa powder or other toppings.

Bonbon and truffle are both types of confections, but they have distinct characteristics and are often associated with different flavors and textures. Here are the definitions of each:

  1. Bonbon refers to a small, sweet candy or confection. It can come in various forms, such as a chocolate-covered fruit or nut, a filled chocolate, or a small piece of candy with a flavored filling. Bonbons often have a hard outer shell and a soft creamy, filling. They can be made with variety of ingredients and flavors.

  2. Truffle: A truffle is a type of chocolate confection made with a ganache (combination of heavy cream or for a more creamy flavor butter and chocolate) center. Truffles are usually round or irregularly shaped and have a soft, smooth texture. They are often coated with cocoa powder, powdered sugar, or chocolate shavings. Truffles can be flavored with various ingredients like liqueurs, nuts, spices, or extracts, giving them a decadent taste. They are gourmet treats and below are a typical Turtles.