Collaboration Bars

Collaboration Bars

2016 was an exciting year of growth.  Kyya has become mid-sized bean to bar chocolate maker, creating 35 different chocolates under the Kyya Brand, and 9 private label bars and 10 collaboration bars with business partners in various markets.

Beyond the cacao itself,  Kyya's agility is our greatest asset.   As we enter our next growth phase, we believe that infused chocolates, and specifically coffee infused, is a customer trend that will continue to grow.  Coffee infused chocolate was 22% of our sales last year.  To that end, we want to offer our services and partnership to more Coffee Houses beyond our local region.

Kyya's name comes from the Greek, KAIA, meaning simple and pure.  Since our ingredients are also pure and simple, pairing with coffee is a straight-forward process.  

  1. Identify chocolate / coffee pairing
  2. Create packaging
  3. Decide on molds

With as little as 250 bars per order, you can have your own coffee infused chocolate (or other infusion).   Kyya continues to make batch chocolate and agile enough to create something distinctively unique that only your establishment will have to offer, helping brand awareness and customer retainment.  Our timeline from concept to delivery is usually less than a month.   We're taking on 20 accounts this year, why not be one of them?

Give us a call at 844-281-4470 to discuss your needs or send an email to

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