Team Kyya

Kyya Chocolate has gone beyond our ability to personally share the story, deliver tastings, throw-downs and our infamous home parties across the Midwest. To help people discover the unique story of Kyya, we are rolling out "Team Kyya"; an Ambassador program, starting in seven cities.  A "Team Kyya" member can come from all walks of life; students, retirees, part-timers, foodies,  moms, etc.  
Our common DNA is an attention to detail, helping others and a collective passion for Kyya Chocolate.  Armed with a solid understanding of our mission, what Kyya represents, our products and customers, Team Kyya will work with coffee houses, retail businesses, boutiques, schools and your community to be the face and name of Kyya.

After you have been accepted into the program,  we will provide you with the training to sample and sell Kyya Chocolate using the sales techniques we developed at Kyya and blue chip companies like Microsoft, Dell Computer, and other startups.  These are paid positions.   You will need to have a smart phone and take assignments around your Metro area depending on the location of the assignment.   

That experience will help you, whether you are a student close to graduating or have a vision to startup your own team at some point.   The Kyya story travels best in small settings like sampling parties.  For students, this is stuff you can put on your resume to stand out from others.  There's chocolate involved, and our mission is significant.  We are looking for good folks in NWA, Little Rock, KC, Tulsa, OKC, Memphis and St. Louis.

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