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Collaboration Bars

Kyya is a bean to bar chocolate maker. Kyya's name comes from the Greek, KAIA, meaning simple and pure.  Every month, we make 80 different chocolates under the Kyya Brand, and now over 90 collaboration bars with a diverse group of clients; businesses, non-profits, museums and coffee/tea houses and fundraiser bars for non-profits.

Beyond the cacao itself, agility is our greatest asset.  We believe that infused chocolates, and specifically coffee infused, is a trend that will continue to grow.  To that end, we now offer our services and partnerships beyond our local region.

 We have made coffee infused bars for some of the most notable coffee houses around.  The process to create a coffee infused bar is a straight-forward process. 

  1. Identify chocolate or chocolate with Infusions or Inclusions. 
  2. Create packaging
  3. Decide on molds

With as little as 250 bars per order, you can have your own infused chocolate.   Kyya makes some of the best small batch chocolate in the world and agile enough to create something unique that only your establishment will have to offer, helping grab your customer's attention and brand awareness.  Our timeline from concept to delivery is usually a month.   

Give us a call at 844-281-4470 to discuss your needs or send an email to