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Collaboration Bars

Kyya is a unique bean to bar chocolate maker.

Every month, we make 65 different chocolates under the Kyya Brand and over 150 collaboration bars with a diverse group of clients; businesses, non-profits, museums and coffee/tea houses and fundraiser bars for non-profits.

Beyond the cacao itself, agility is our greatest asset.  We invested in a digital printer to make our own packaging.  We have a thermoformer, which we use to make our own molds and of course we make our own bean to bar chocolate. approaching 5 metric tons each month.  We believe that infused chocolates is a trend that will continue to grow.  To that end, we now offer custom bars across North America.

The process to create a infused bar is a straight-forward process. 

  1. Identify chocolate or chocolate with Infusions or Inclusions. 
  2. Create packaging
  3. Decide if you want your own molded chocolate bars

    With as little as 250 bars per order, you can have your own infused chocolate.   Kyya makes great small batch artisan chocolate.  We are agile enough to create something unique that only your company will have to offer, helping grab your customer's attention and increase brand awareness.  Our timeline from concept to delivery is usually a month.   

    We have 4 custom chocolate bar models so that customers can chose the best option for your particular situation.  There are no set up fees, no down payment, just old fashioned, you say go and we make a collaboration that no one else will have.  The options are:

    1.  50-149 bars.  We use an existing KYYA chocolate (30 to chose from) and prior to production, we figure out if you want to infuse the chocolate. Some popular options are 1) coffee 2) nuts (note: we do not use peanuts 3) spices (everything from chai, to cayenne, to rice crispies 4) s'mores 5.   Price is $4.50/bar x bars complete FOB Elm Springs, Arkansas.  The actual chocolate bar will be a KYYA molded, packaging is your design (we don't do design work), 

    2.  150-249, same above except price is $4.00/bar FOB Elm Springs

    3.  250+ bars,  same as above,  but now the actual chocolate is your choice (we are dedicating a entire batch of chocolate for your bars).   Price is $3.50/bar FOB Elm Springs.  This is the most popular option for clients..

    4.  1000+ bars, we make custom molded bar with your logo.  Your choice of chocolate, packaging is yours.  Price is $3.50/bar FOB Elm Springs.  Most people utilize #3 before trying this.

    Give us a call at 844-281-4470 to discuss your needs or send an email to