Being Unique

Our vision from the beginning was to create unique chocolate, something that you can't find in the stores today.  I remember as we were laying out the business plan, we asked the question, does the world need another chocolate company.  From that question, we came up with a strategy we thought might help us stand out from the croud.  What if we could provide an opportunity to experience a farmer's own bean, versus a blend from multiples farms, villages or regions.   This week we began shipping some of our unique chocolate we have been dreaming about. 

  • For Onyx Coffee Labs, we delivered a single origin Jamaican Midnight Dark (72.5%).
  • For Mama Carmen's Espresso Cafe, we delivered a single origin Guatemalan Midnight Dark (72.5%)
  • For Kennedy Coffee, we infused their Columbian Supremo coffee into our Uganda 33.3% Milk Chocolate AND Columbian Supremo coffee infused into Hispaniola Midnight Dark (72.5%)

Next week we will release a limited run,  Ghana Super Dark Baking Chocolate.  At 90%, this will be our darkest, richest, most intense chocolate to date.   Our research kitchen made a wonderfully rich decadent French Silk Pie (actually 3 pies since we ate the first two before sampling to customers).  This takes baking chocolate to a whole new level.   You want to blow people away at your Thanksgiving or Holiday party,  grab one of these baking bars before their gone.

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