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Chocolate Tricks that are no Treat

At Kyya we are always studying chocolate in every possible angle.  It's our tech background.   We were kicking around some numbers today and something caught our attention.  There's a trend going on around the industry where folks shrink the bar and add "shiny new packaging".   People look at the packaging and miss the price hike. While you might not think about it at first, this is a bad practice and the loser is you.  The calculated rate for some of these bars is upwards of $68 per pound. ( 2 oz bar at $8.50/bar and multiple by 8).  Anyone knowingly pays $68/pound for chocolate should also consider some swamp property for sale in Florida, especially considering Fair Trade pricing for raw cacao is...

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New Origins - Arriving in July

We are excited to have six (6) new origins inbound to the shop, and really seven, because we have a new Uganda farm origin, that just might arrive by the end of the month.  While many in the chocolate world try to find the "perfect" number (the ratio of chocolate to sugar), we approach the process a little differently.   First step in the process is to test roast a few batches in our purpose built roaster (our founder was an electrical robotics engineer and a pharmaceutical process engineer in a previous life).  He hates off the shelf equipment which limits innovation and process options.  Our roaster lets us gently bring flavors to the surface that standard approach just cannot accomplish....

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NWA and Beyond

It's hard to believe this is year 5 of Kyya Chocolate.  I remember the first year, when we were trying to figure how to sell a chocolate bar.  Our first year sales were $5,500.  It was discouraging.  My quota at Dell Computer was $40,000,000 annually.  I remember being up late at night or maybe it was early in the morning, and nothing worked, it was too hot, too humid, the temperer acting up and I just wanted to quit.  But grit persevered. I remember early on when we visited Askinoise and Mast Brothers, leaders in the craft chocolate industry, and was blown away (and still are with both of them).   Now, 5 years later, we have hit our stride....

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Nashville Road Trip

We are excited to take a road trip to Nashville next weekend (March 17-19) to hang out with some of our single origin kindred spirits at CoffeeFest Nashville.   We are excited to share our single origin chocolates with the Southeast Coffee folks.  We're taking our Single Origin Chocolate Syrups and our Coffee Infused Chocolates, including Guatemalan, Colombian, Uganda offerings, along with our 30+ single origin bars. We're looking forward to meeting new friends.

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Collaboration Bars

2016 was an exciting year of growth.  Kyya has become mid-sized bean to bar chocolate maker, creating 35 different chocolates under the Kyya Brand, and 9 private label bars and 10 collaboration bars with business partners in various markets. Beyond the cacao itself,  Kyya's agility is our greatest asset.   As we enter our next growth phase, we believe that infused chocolates, and specifically coffee infused, is a customer trend that will continue to grow.  Coffee infused chocolate was 22% of our sales last year.  To that end, we want to offer our services and partnership to more Coffee Houses beyond our local region. Kyya's name comes from the Greek, KAIA, meaning simple and pure.  Since our ingredients are also...

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