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Collaboration Bars

2016 was an exciting year of growth.  Kyya has become mid-sized bean to bar chocolate maker, creating 35 different chocolates under the Kyya Brand, and 9 private label bars and 10 collaboration bars with business partners in various markets. Beyond the cacao itself,  Kyya's agility is our greatest asset.   As we enter our next growth phase, we believe that infused chocolates, and specifically coffee infused, is a customer trend that will continue to grow.  Coffee infused chocolate was 22% of our sales last year.  To that end, we want to offer our services and partnership to more Coffee Houses beyond our local region. Kyya's name comes from the Greek, KAIA, meaning simple and pure.  Since our ingredients are also...

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And now Fall begins

From the Kyya Chocolate Factory in Elm Springs, Arkansas: We have taken delivery of our new conches (aka chocolate machines) and placed them in production. The shop is a bit louder now with 7 conches running 24x7 and you can smell the chocolate before you walk in the door. We have few more collaborations to launch in the next few weeks.  We are very excited about the latest collaboration and fundraiser with MANA to offset the costs of mammogram screenings.  Available at the shop, and both MANA "The Breast Center" clinics, all profits go to mammogram screenings.   We are in final preparation to begin Fall Chocolate Classes.     We will offer day, evening and weekend classes in chocolate making,...

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Be Prepared

My dad and I were involved in the Boy Scouts growing up.   The Boy Scout Motto has always been "Be prepared".  The motto in engineering school was, "you don't have to know everything, just know where to find it when you need it".  And at Microsoft, our motto was "have a Plan A, Plan B and Plan C, as things never go as planned".   The single most challenging event I ever was a part of was the original XBOX launch, where we got to Plan "G" before it was all said and done.  As Kyya enters it's 4th year of operations, these words continue to ring true.  We spent thousands of hours creating hundreds of batches of chocolate to learning every aspect of the...

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Kyya has grown substantially over the past year.  It took us time to figure out how to take time out of production to create Kamp Kyya.  Check website (purchase section) for details.  Last year's motto continues...we eat our mistakes.  Classes are listed below: 1)  Kamp Kyya will begin starting the first week of June.  Kamp Kyya is a 4 day bean to bar chocolate camp.   It meets 2 hours each day from Monday-Thursday.   We will learn what bean to bar chocolate is all about, create your own chocolate molds, a day of creating BonBons (filled chocolates) and Thursday is our production day where we mold and package our chocolate we started on Monday.  The class is designed for kids from 6-16.  Kids...

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OLLI Class Prep

We are excited to be teaching "Kamp Kyya" classes on bean to bar chocolate for the University of Arkansas OLLI program on March 8th, 9th and 10th.   Prior to attending a Kamp Kyya experience, there are some things that will help you be more efficient when working with and talking with the chocolatiers.       You will be in a FDA controlled facility and Kyya is a working facility.  On a good day, we make between 500-700 chocolate bars.   Please make sure you are not fighting anything (cold, virus, etc).  We don't want to pass along anything to others.  You will need to make sure you wash your hands before donning gloves. When working with chocolate in the manufacturing...

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