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Holiday Bar Design Contest

For months, Kyya has been working on our holiday chocolate bar lineup.  We sold out of the initial production run this weekend and will be replenishing those bars along with the second wave of bars for this weekend at the shop and Bentonville Farmer's Market. But we have a problem, one of our bars just doesn't feel right in regular package --- our Peppermint Bark Bar. What is Bark you might ask, for Kyya, it's a 2 layer bar, one layer of dark chocolate, with a layer of white chocolate with crushed peppermint canes laid in the back of the white chocolate.  We have been making this bar for years, but we simply can't just drop this work of art into a regular Kyya package....

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Kyya Chocolate Shop Opening

We are celebrating our first anniversary in Elm Springs.... Due to the summer heat at the Bentonville Farmer's Market (which we love) and lots of customer feedback, we have decided to formally open the Chocolate Shop to the public weekdays after Kamp Kyya. Starting Monday, Kyya Chocolate will begin our "Chocolate Shop" experience.  Kyya will be open from 2:00 PM through 6:30 PM Monday through Friday.   Feel free to stop by to sample amazing chocolate, meet the chocolatiers and staff. Our desire is to create an ever evolving chocolate experience "lab", which offers unique and exotic chocolates not found in our retail stores.  Some new products will be tested at the shop before entering our retail network.   We will...

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Kamp Kyya Continues....

Kamp Kyya will continue into August, but we will adjust the format so adults can participate.  Kamp Kyya will take place on Thursday evening and become a one night class.  Each session is limited to 12 people.  And of course there will be chocolate to sample and chocolate to take home to share.  Details can be found on our facebook page or on the purchase section of the website.  There is a different theme each Thursday in August, including the following: Family Kamp Kyya (where everyone can participate) Small group / team night Bon Bon Night Chocolate Tastings and Pairings (minimum age 21)

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KAMP KYYA update

Kamp Kyya just finished our 2nd week of classes.   It's been fun watching kids learn bean to bar chocolate.  Each week we decide to create a new chocolate -- week #1 was a Venezuelan 25% Milk Chocolate and week #2 was a Bolivia 48% Dark Chocolate with "a hint of Milk".    Week #3 will create another once in a lifetime chocolate.  While it's not surprising that kids like sweeter chocolate, I have been impressed by the number of kids that like darker chocolate.   The Bon Bon exercise on Wednesday has been very fun.  The kids (and their parents) have created a number of interesting fillings.  We have enjoyed getting to know the kids and watching their personalities...

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Kyya Passion

We love to make chocolate.  One night this week, around 2:00 AM, I was dropping a batch (aka loading the chocolate into the machines, which takes 2-3 hours if done correctly).  As you load the conch (or Melanger), the nib releases an amazing elixir as the machines begin to crush (or shear) the chocolate.   I love those times, usually alone, after a long day of people, paperwork and hours behind a windshield.   It's so much fun to create something like chocolate.  To think this all came from my vision on a plane 3+ years ago coming back from an Uganda mission trip.  The Kyya team has spent a lot of time in the shop, creating new chocolates, experimenting, adjusting, pursuing, perfecting chocolate...

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