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The Art and Science of Chocolate

The most important thing we learned on this trip was harvesting cacao on the farms.   The process of fermentation is the second most important step after the cultivar of cacao.   We met with fermentation experts that shared how this process has the largest impact on the acidity and bitterness as it impacts the 400+ chemical compounds while effectively killing the organics in the bean.   We learned there was at least 6 fermentation processes across the world and each had its pros and cons.   Our farmer visits were as much about how Kyya can help improve the quality AND improve the price the farmers get for the beans we purchase.    It was very interesting that guys...

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Bean Hunt

What an amazing experience.  9,000 miles in 10 days through Latin and South America.  We met with farmers, chocolatiers, logistics experts, fermentation specialist and a bunch of kindred spirits in our travels.   We were able to take my twin teenage daughters on their first international trip.   We learned 3 things that stood out 1) export/import expertise in each country is crucial 2) 70% of the flavor we call chocolate happens outside of the chocolatier's control unless you are a "farm to bar" chocolate company  3) Respect the rules. We met with chocolatiers in each country and sharing chocolate bars is our business card.   Amazing to see how many ways there are to make chocolate. Sitting for hours talking about...

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Being Unique

Our vision from the beginning was to create unique chocolate, something that you can't find in the stores today.  I remember as we were laying out the business plan, we asked the question, does the world need another chocolate company.  From that question, we came up with a strategy we thought might help us stand out from the croud.  What if we could provide an opportunity to experience a farmer's own bean, versus a blend from multiples farms, villages or regions.   This week we began shipping some of our unique chocolate we have been dreaming about.  For Onyx Coffee Labs, we delivered a single origin Jamaican Midnight Dark (72.5%). For Mama Carmen's Espresso Cafe, we delivered a single origin Guatemalan Midnight Dark (72.5%)...

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Why Kyya ?   As we searched for a name,  we wanted something unique, but also something meaningful.  Kyya is a variant on the word Kaia, which stands for purity.  When we started this journey on a plane flight back from non-profit trip to Uganda to help those less fortunate,  our goal was to create great chocolate.   It's a simple vision, we're having fun learning along the way.   Over the next few months, we will be making trips to new countries, meeting farmers and extending our offerings.   Come back often,  this should be a fun journey.

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From a bean to a smile

A bean is a pretty amazing thing - a little bundle of energy and nutrients waiting to burst forth into new life when it's planted in good soil and watered.  And if growing a new plant isn't your thing, you can take the right kind of bean and put it in the right environment and get something truly wonderful, whether it's black bean and corn enchiladas, a piping hot bowl of chili, or one of our hand-crafted bars of chocolate.

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