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Why Kyya ?   As we searched for a name,  we wanted something unique, but also something meaningful.  Kyya is a variant on the word Kaia, which stands for purity.  When we started this journey on a plane flight back from non-profit trip to Uganda to help those less fortunate,  our goal was to create great chocolate.   It's a simple vision, we're having fun learning along the way.   Over the next few months, we will be making trips to new countries, meeting farmers and extending our offerings.   Come back often,  this should be a fun journey.

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From a bean to a smile

A bean is a pretty amazing thing - a little bundle of energy and nutrients waiting to burst forth into new life when it's planted in good soil and watered.  And if growing a new plant isn't your thing, you can take the right kind of bean and put it in the right environment and get something truly wonderful, whether it's black bean and corn enchiladas, a piping hot bowl of chili, or one of our hand-crafted bars of chocolate.

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